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Lancaster General Residency Alumni
Over the past 45 years, our program has produce more than 600 family physicians who have made numerous significant contributions to the health of the communities they serve throughout the United States and many international settings.  Dr. Al Peterson, a graduate of the class of 1975, has served as the unofficial coordinator of our alumni network through his tireless efforts to connect us via his monthly Family Practice Family Newsletter (the old “Yellow Journal”) that he has written/edited for 40 years.  If you would like to be a recipient of this newsletter, please contact him at .  We’d love to update all our FPF readers with a report from you on what you have been doing since your residency. Send Al 3-4 paragraphs to place in the FPF about yourselves. You never know who might want to contact you from your LGH family! Also if you are looking for someone to join you, you can let us know about that too.
What our residents are doing...
We have done a preliminary analysis of the graduates of the years 2010 through 2014. Roughly 60% of our graduates begin a family medicine practice, 28% in urban or suburban group practices, 22% in urban underserved health centers, 6% in rural sites and 3% in the developing world. Five percent are practicing either in a hospitalist full-time or share position. Nearly 40% of our graduates are entering fellowships, with roughly 1/3 of those entering family medicine faculty positions upon completing their fellowships. Three of our graduates entered a full time faculty position upon leaving our program. The breakdown of fellowships include: geriatrics (7), academic (7), obstetrics (4), sports medicine (3), superutilizer/population health (2), and palliative med (1).  Thirty-one percent of our graduates are practicing in Lancaster County.

2015 Graduates

Elizabeth Smith Doherty, M.D. looks forward to beginning her practice down in The Buck, here in Lancaster County.
Antonio Funches, M.D.has taken a position with LGHP in Lebanon County working with his classmates Jessica Lee and Matthew Torres. 
Alyssa K. Jones, M.D. will be returning to Penn State Hershey to work in both their ambulatory and inpatient settings, working with medical students and residents in both arenas. 
Mary A. Kadysh, M.D. is thrilled to be joining LGHP-Strasburg Family Medicine where she will be practicing outpatient medicine with OB.
Ashley Anne Kempsell, M.D. looks forward to staying in the area in her new position at Lincoln Family Practice in Ephrata.  
Jessica Amanda Lee, M.D. is very excited about joining Matt Torres and Antonio Funches at a new LGH practice near Lebanon and incorporating integrative medicine into her career.

Catherine Lynn Main, M.D. is excited to be joining LGHP-Strasburg Family Medicine where she too will be practicing outpatient medicine with obstetrics. 
Sabrina Aileen Milhous, M.D. has come to love the area and will be starting at Southeast Health Services here in the city of Lancaster. 
Melissa M. Prado, M.D. is headed to Rochester, New York, to complete a fellowship in faculty development and a Masters of Education. Eventually she hopes to return to a residency program.  
Alexis Benavides Reedy-Cooper, M.D., MPH will be working at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, practicing the full spectrum of family medicine, including teaching and research. 
Christine Li-Huan Tam, M.D. will be moving to Seattle to join HealthPoint, a community health center, to practice family medicine with obstetrics. 
Matthew D. Torres, M.D. is starting a new LGHP Family Practice in nearby Lebanon County with his classmates, Jessica Lee and Antonio Funches.
Jennifer Zatorski, M.D. has endeavored to complete the LGH Population Health Fellowship.  

2014 Graduates

Nick Buckwalter M.D. stayed here in Lancaster County, and started a new Family Medicine Practice in Mannheim, Pennsylvania, where he does outpatient medicine as well as obstetrical care.

Caitlin Burford, M.D. returned to her native Binghamton, New York, to practice ambulatory family medicine.
Tamayi Bwititi, M.D. is practicing in an FQHC in Ipsilanti, Michigan where he will also incorporate HIV care in his ambulatory practice.
Saira George, M.D. has taken a position at the Student Health Center at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Soo Chong Kim, M.D. completed her Geriatrics Fellowship at Lancaster General Health in August 2015 before return to New York to practice ambulatory medicine and geriatrics.
Adam Lake, M.D. completed his Population Health Fellow at Lancaster General Health in August 2015 before joining the faculty here of our residency.
Mike Loeven, M.D. started a new practice with his classmate, Nick, in Mannheim, Pennsylvania, where he too does outpatient medicine and obstetrical care. 
Geoff Ostrander, M.D. did locum tenums in New Zealand for one year before returning to his home in upstate New York to do full spectrum family medicine.
Valerie Owings, M.D. returned to her home to do ambulatory family medicine in Annapolis, Maryland.
Jennifer Payne, M.D. completed a Sports Medicine Fellowship in York, Pennsylvania, in August 2015 and has now joined LGHP to practice outpatient medicine and precept for our residents at WLAFHC.  
Shawn Phillips, M.D. completed his Sports Medicine Fellowship at Penn State in Hershey, Pennsylvania before joining the faculty there to continue inpatient and outpatient medicine.
Ben Snell, M.D. joined the Twin Rose Family Medicine Practice in Columbia, Pennsylvania where he continues to serve Lancaster County residents while doing ambulatory family medicine.