Our Program - About the Lancaster General Philosophy

The Vision

The Lancaster General Health Family Practice Residency Program is an essential component in helping our hospital meet both its charitable mission and educational vision, while continuing to promote the principle that the family practice physician is integral to holistic, compassionate health.

Medical Students know us as the benchmark by which to measure other family practice residency programs.

Residents know we are dedicated to service, learning, teamwork and personal growth.

Patients trust that they will receive competent, comprehensive and respectful care in the context of an ongoing relationship with their personal family physician.

The Community recognizes the Family Practice Residency Program as a resource for health promotion, education and service.

The Discipline of Family Medicine recognizes the clinical and academic excellence of our program.

The Focus

We are an unopposed, strong and dynamic training opportunity in comprehensive health education and care delivery, provided to a diverse population in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion and socio-economic status.

Family physicians are expected to:

For questions or more information about the Lancaster General Health Family Medicine Residency Program, please contact our Residency Coordinator.